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We started CureMyCancer to provide the highest standard of cancer treatment and make available the latest treatments, in an environment which enables people to feel positive and energised as well as supported and cared for, physically and emotionally applying our trademarked.

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  • Helping to make a hard thing a little less difficult
  • Building ongoing relationships with patients
  • Perspective about what’s important
  • Patients who come back and visit
  • Helping patients make the most of the life they have

Adrenal cancer

Adrenal cancer is a rare disease that occurs in the adrenal glands, two small glands that are part of the endocrine system on top of the kidneys. We produce hormones that are responsible for various bodily functions, such as the ability of the body to manage stress and regulate blood pressure. The majority of adrenal tumors are benign, meaning they are not cancer, and they are called adenomas. At “Cure My Cancer” we use a multi-faceted approach to treating adrenal cancer. To accurately diagnose and stage the illness, a team of experts may conduct a range of diagnostic and laboratory tests, such as CT scans, MRI, or ultrasound. These same tests may be used to monitor treatment response and alter treatment plans accordingly. As part of our full-person treatment model, our hospitals and outpatient clinics provide a variety of supportive care therapies— nutrition therapy, pain management, chiropractic services, and, for example, individual and community counseling — to help manage the physical and psychological side-effects of cancer.

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Our team of consultants and clinical colleagues work together to provide exceptional cancer care of varying specialities. Together we have worked hard to establish an international reputation for pioneering treatments and exceptionally high standards of patient care.

Part of the India’s leading independent hospital group

CMC is part of Apollo hospitals Group, the largest private healthcare organisation in India:

CMC has also established successful partnerships with Rehab centers and Hospice centers in Hyderabad .

By being part of such an extensive network of specialist units, we are able to care for all our patients’ needs


Dr. Satyesh Nadella

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Satyesh Nadella is a prominent Oncologist in Hyderabad, you can consult with him at Apollo Cancer Institutes. He has perused his MBBS from Deccan College of Medical Sciences and MD,from Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre.

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