About the CureMyCancer Team

With a team average experience of 10+ years adding up to Over 100 years of collective experience , the team at CMC shares, combines and agrees upon individual experience and knowledge of an extensive list of doctors for curating the best diagnostics and treatments for cancer patients

We Have A

Multi-disciplinary Team

Even though you will be under the care of one CMC consultant, there will actually be a team of specialists planning your care every step of the way

Each ‘Multi Disciplinary Team’ specialises in a particular type of cancer. So, for example, the lung team will include:

Clinical oncologist

doctors specialized in radiation therapy and trained in diagnosing and curating approaches for cancer.

Thoracic Surgeons

doctors specialising in carrying out lung operations

Medical oncologists

doctors specialising in using chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drugs

Onco Radiologists

doctors specialising in reading scans

Onco Pathologists

doctors specialising in reviewing biopsies.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

senior nurses specialising in cancer care

These teams meet regularly to discuss each individual patient and:

  • Choose the best treatment options
  • Review how the patient is getting on
  • Agree the plan of care, including when to include healthcare professionals in other support therapies, such as physiotherapists, dieticians and counsellors.

Our highly skilled teams include:

Medical oncologists – Doctors specialized in chemotherapy and targeted therapy including immunotherapies.

Radiation and Clinical oncologist – Doctors specialising in using radiotherapy

Cancer Surgeons – Doctors specialising in carrying out operations (surgery)

Hemato-Oncologist - Doctors specilaising in blood cancer and Bone marrow transplant

Pain and Palliative care specialist -

Clinical Nurse Specialists – Senior nurses specialising in cancer care

Onco Radiologists – Doctors specialising in reading cancer scans and imaging

Onco Pathologists – Doctors specialising in looking at cancer biopsies

Psychiatrists – Doctors specialising in mental and emotional health

Colo rectal Surgeons



Thoracic Surgeons

Breast and Oncoplasty Surgeons.

Endocrine Surgeons

Head and Neck Surgeons

Liver transplant team

More specializations soon.