Precision Medicine


Precision Medicine

Experts in precision medicine, genetic counseling and supporting care professionals are available to discuss what you can anticipate from a genetic or genomic examination, how this knowledge can be used to establish a treatment or preventive plan, and whether a clinical trial is a viable option. We also have a panel of experts, called a Molecular Tumor Board, as part of our comprehensive approach to cancer treatment, who meet regularly to share information and ideas on how to treat each patient's illness.

Such specialists work on a tailored treatment plan to meet the needs of the patient, monitor the progress of the patient throughout the care and make adjustments as appropriate.

Since precision medicine is a rapidly developing field of medical science, advanced genetic studies and groundbreaking therapies such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy should be approached after in-depth discussions between the physician and the patient, based on the unique situation of each individual.


Progressive genomic research At CMC.

They use the precision medicine methods to determine what makes a particular cancer act the way it does. That may include an innovative genetic examination for some patients, which may reveal mutations that may suit specific treatment options.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing may help determine whether a patient with a higher risk of developing cancer due to an inherited gene mutation has been born. Diagnosing an inherited condition can empower patients to make more informed decisions on how to manage their cancer risks.